Code of Ethics

As members of the Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland, we promote the safe and legal use of drones in Ireland. We commit to flying our aircraft in a manner which promotes the positive impact these aircraft can have, whilst flying them legally and safely. We will work to communicate this message to the wider drone community and the general public.

Mission Statement

The UAAI represents stakeholders who promote the positive impact which SUA/ RPAS/ Drones can bring to everyday life. This is primarily the commercial operators and pilots in Ireland, but extends to any stakeholder affected, including non-certified pilots and hobbyists who are committed to operating their aircraft legally and safely.


To support the establishment of Ireland as an international leader regarding reasonable governance and integration of drones into industry and society, adopting a progressive approach and with consideration for all stakeholders


    • To treat all our members equally
    • To represent our members in a transparent manner
    • To prioritise the safe use of drones over other objectives
    • To cooperate with the Aviation Authority in order to attain our vision
    • To volunteer our personal time to achieve the vision of the association, for the good of our members
    • To represent the association in a professional manner and act in accordance with these values