Get Licensed

RPAS regulation in Ireland is a dynamic subject and is in a constant state of flux. The procedure for qualifying to operate an RPAS in Irish airspace which is coming online in the near future is as follows:
Two qualifications are required to operate in Irish Airspace, which mirror general aviation. There is primarily a pilot qualification, but to complete commercial work an individual must also work under a qualified operator. An example of an operator in aviation is an airline or a company that provides flight training. The operator ensures safety standards, completion of training and monitoring of operations. The operator may not be a pilot themselves but the individual who will fly the RPAS must have a pilot qualification. The operator holds an aerial work permission issued by the Irish Aviation Authority which allows for commercial work to be completed.

Pilot Qualification

  • English language proficient
  • 14hrs ground-school training (completed with a RTF, see below)
  • Successful completion of ground-school exam (completed with a RTF, see below)
  • Successful completion of flight test (completed with a RTF, see below)
  • All pilots must become or operate under a certified SUA Operation

Operator qualification (specific operator permission holder):

  • Completion of an operators course
  • Submit and maintain an operators manual
  • Have in place a public liability insurance policy covering the operation
  • Completion of an audit by the IAA before approval to operate

Registered Training Facilities in Ireland