Drone Safety Awareness

Drone Safety Awareness


Drone safety is your responsibility and it is essential to know the rules before your fly.


As part of the Drone Safety awareness campaign, the IAA created this poster that outlines the 11 key things that you should NEVER do when operating your drone.



Drone Questions and Answers 

This Q&A information has been developed by the IAA to provide users with useful information regarding the use of drones in Ireland.

Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft


This Order defines rules for the operation of small unmanned aircraft (with a mass of less than 150 kilograms) and the requirements to obtain permission from the Authority before launching a rocket anywhere in the State.


Guidance Material for Small Unmanned Aircraft


Basic Guidance Material for Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Permissions including Specific Operating Permission (SOP), Pilot Competency Certificate (PCC) & Special Authorisation (SA) and update on the new aviation (Basic Regulation) EU Regulation 2018/1139 issued replacing EU Regulation 216/2008.


Drone Registration

Want to register a drone in Ireland? this video outlines the drone registration process.


Two Step Drone Registration Process

This document is a step-by-step guide to the drone registration process.

Join the UAAI

If you want to join a community who responsibly fly drones professionally or as a hobby then get in contact with us  and join this growing community of responsible drone users.